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What is a free consultation?

Think of it as a health check of your bookkeeping file. It can tell us your pain points and risk areas.

We will have a look at your coded transactions and reconciled accounts – this will show any wrong GST treatments or any errors that might mean wrong BAS lodgments. It is very important to get BAS right as the risks for a business include overpaying GST and trouble with ATO in case of audit.

We’ll check your payroll records – most common mistakes in this area include wrong leave accruals, super accruals and wrong software settings. Risks are high as Fairwork is very strict on how payroll should be calculated, run and reported. Also Single Touch Payroll reporting to the ATO will not be accurate if one of the settings is wrong.

Other areas that usually require attention are director’s loans/fees/drawings, private expenses, government grants received, vehicle and equipment purchases on finance etc.

We will also glance at how your business performs and if there are any areas that could be improved, such as accounts payable and old debts, industry benchmarks, cash flow etc.

This free consultation will give you an idea of risks and issues you might have as well as suggestions on how to fix them. We won’t be able to cover everything in detail, but if you would prefer to receive an in depth report on a full bookkeeping review we will be happy to arrange that for an extra charge.