All businesses are different and no bookkeepers are the same. Even though I might be very good at what I do (even if I say so myself 😊) I won’t be the right fit for everyone. We all have our own style, preferences and expectations. And here are mine:

  • I prefer to communicate by messenger or whatsapp. My clients can ask me a quick question at any time and they are used to receiving information from me this way. (with a couple of emojis thrown in for good measure 🤔). Fancy letterhead or formal email greetings are not for me.
  • I aim to have paperless office, so I set up easy and quick ways to get clients’ invoices and timesheets. Who has time for scanning anyway?
  • I keep my clients on a straight and narrow and don’t hesitate to point out when things don’t look quite right.

Xero has some useful information about what to consider when choosing a bookkeeper.

Are you looking for a sole operator or a small consultancy? A doer, a trainer or an advisor? Do you prefer hourly billing or monthly packages?

We are your local Toronto bookkeepers, and we work with clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter.

Here are some facts about Lake Macquarie Bookkeepers:

If you need to hire a bookkeeper and don’t know where to start you can ask for a recommendation in one of your local social media groups. Google ‘bookkeeper near m’e and check out the reviews. Finally, set up a face to face meeting to see if you’ll be able to work together. After all Business owner – bookkeeper is a long term relationship! Although if it’s just a one off small job you are after you can check out the Airtasker (equivalent of the Bookkeepers Tinder).

Here are some questions to ask when engaging a bookkeeper:

  1. What qualifications and professional memberships do you hold?
  2. What insurances do you have?
  3. Who will do the data entry and BAS preparation?
  4. What experience / references do you have?
  5. When the work is done in an bookkeeping software, who owns the datafile?
  6. Where will the work be done?
  7. Who will be responsible for rectification work?
  8. What does the bookkeeper require to process the work?
  9. How will the bookkeeper communicate with your accountant or tax agent?
  10. What will it cost?

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