Difference between the Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payment

The coronavirus has a great impact on many individuals and businesses in Australia. The Australian Government has introduced supplements to assists individuals and businesses during this pandemic. Two well-known supplements are The Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments. 

The Jobkeeper Payment

Jobkeeper payment is administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It is a payment ATO made to enable employers to continue to keep and pay employees despite the business is performing low. It is regarded as usual wage and the payment amount is up to $1,500 a fortnight until 27 September. 

The jobkeeper payment has been extended till March 2021 and there were changes to the rules. Please refer to the following link for more information:


The Jobseeker Payment

Jobseeker is an income support type payment from the government to assist those who age between 22 to pension age and looking for work. It is also available to those who are sick or insured and can’t do normal study or work for a short period. Jobseeker payment is made every fortnight by Service Australia to those who are eligible and the amount of payment depending on individual circumstances.  Jobseeker payment used to be called Newstart Allowance and it is supplemented by a Coronavirus Supplement which is an additional payment on top of the base rate of Jobseeker payment. From the 25th September 2020, the government has made an announcement that it will continue through to the 31st December 2020 but the Coronavirus supplement will be reduced.

Who can get it:


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